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2008-06-21 11:47:49 by junipe

its funny to mass with your friends on aim.



2008-06-17 21:09:08 by junipe

ok so i have desided to make a music vidio of violet hill by coldplay. i know allot of you will say things like "why should we care your not so specail" or "why should we care your a bad speller" well im telling you this for one reason. i have a problem i end up being so self concois about the movie that it (well to me anyways) doesnt seem good enuff for NG. and i end up leaving the project in the dust. so im totally fine with anyone ANYONE PMing me or IMing me or in responces on future blogs or hell maybe even in future forum posts to remind me in any way wether its just the two words "violet hill" or a speech about my priorities. thank you newgrounds and .... by the way great job this is the best outern of good flashes ive seen from flash artists in a wile. i guess the whole thing about brawl taunts getting into best flash ever got it into newgrounders heads. keep up the good work newgrounds. :3

fathers day

2008-06-15 11:50:02 by junipe

well its fathers day and im done with the gift. i made a little animated card and ill show it to him when he gets back from church (dont ask) and im sure he'll love it. im gonne make it a GIF. and put here for you to see... ok never mind when i do that theres no sound... oh well. and to an fathers out there HEPPY FATHERS DAY!

X-box 360

2008-06-04 20:55:12 by junipe


new grounds API

2008-05-09 19:22:53 by junipe

What is the newgrounds API thing anyway and it says you make adds about stuff or somthing but about what???

redo on profile

2008-04-29 21:36:49 by junipe

i redid my profile for pico day new user image, icon, and my first header what do you thing and HAPPY PICO DAY!!!


2008-04-22 20:54:07 by junipe



2008-04-16 12:49:07 by junipe

i have my first fan!!! (well ts more like a guy who just liked my movies) But what the hell ill take it!


2008-04-16 11:07:40 by junipe



ok so bassically ive made like 987598327908752903785492873524 pico day flashes and there all crap... but i started a knew one today and it looks really good. i used the music from the trailer for 10000 BC so its pretty cool. its like an attraction for those big block buster movies. and from the commercails looks like its going to be really fast pased and epic. but once you see the acctual movie your like "well it was good i liked it, i think ill see it again next week" but when you walked in your were like "YEAH!!! THIS MOVIES GONNA BE FUC**IN AWSOME F*CK YEAH!!! IM GOING TO SEE THIS MOVIE EVERY DAY UNTIL THE SEQUIL COMES OUT!!!" so in the end it was kind of a bummer but it was still good. so yeah thats the basis for my movie and it looks good so far. tom if you read this or if its another moderator this year i cant wait for this years preloader to come out and ill be here waiting. and if your wondering what the music is that im using i think theres a link below... or at least there should be.

10000 BC trailer