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2008-03-07 21:05:20 by junipe

i want to make sprite movies but the problem is i dont know how to edit the the sprite sheets so when i import it to flash it ends up with white area around it

i just got My Sims on wii and it is amasing your charecter doesnt move too slow or too fast and there are MAZING outfits for your player and dont think the DS levels up to this!! dont get the DS game if you have a wii GET THE ONE FOR THE WII!!!! its amazing

kitty crew

2008-02-27 17:09:54 by junipe

ok its about time i said this its just been eating at me like crazy...kiyyt crew what the hell every submision ive seen by you guys is just shit. guys your ruining NG for the rest of us so will you just screw off. ok?


2008-02-20 12:24:14 by junipe

well the book i got is totally messed up so i-shade is sending me somthing to help me out


2008-02-16 11:06:49 by junipe

okay thats it! im getting an action script book TODAY....or maybe tomarow...


2008-02-13 20:57:41 by junipe

im working on a platform game but i dont know how to make it so i can walk on the ground....... help?

bye bye

2008-02-12 17:04:00 by junipe

i got rid of this post


2008-02-01 21:23:20 by junipe

i dont think any one in my town has even heard of flash. does any one ave an idea of where i can learn more about this stuff???


2008-01-28 15:28:34 by junipe

well it allready got blamed so i guess i need to step up my game.

new flash

2008-01-28 14:40:23 by junipe

well i finnaly submitted somthing but its total crap so dont bother voting