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i saw watchmen!

2009-03-22 17:10:28 by junipe

and it was amazing! but I'm afraid the naked blue man corrupted my young mind... :'(

just go to thw flash portal and look at the yop 50 flash's...its ok ill wait

see? just look at those titles. there she is.4, waterollies, tankmen, the composer,
...see yet? yes thats it... none of them have been released in the last week, and are all newgrounds classics. i think the portal been straitened out finally. |: ) ah life is good.

re-did my userpage

2008-09-09 20:48:11 by junipe

IN FIFTEEN MINUTES!!!!!new user image icon and banner. tell me what you think.


2008-08-25 22:36:27 by junipe

i have a new movie out "Cock Joke?" go sheck it out ITS HERE!!!

i bought some stuff from NG

2008-08-20 18:45:31 by junipe

yep i got some stickers patches and a keychain :3 you can check out all of it by clicking the gear tab above :3

i bought some stuff from NG

flabidy gook

2008-08-20 12:43:35 by junipe

.... you heard me ......

buttons inside movie clips

2008-08-19 20:41:06 by junipe

ok so i have two buttons (a play and a pause button) and there inside a movie clip (a V-CAM so i can keep them inside the upperright corner) but whenever i click on the buttons it doesnt work. the action script for the pause button is

on (release){

andthe script on the play button is

on (release){

is there a way i can change the code in them to make it work? and also when the pause buttons was in the main timeline it didnt work on movieclips and they kept playing. it would be great if you could help me on that too. please help me newgrounders : (

voice actor found!

2008-08-05 13:32:34 by junipe

ok this post is for anim ators that ned voice actors. i found a really good one and he is on NG. his newgrounds name is zappawadda. (heres his page)

voice actors needed

2008-08-04 16:42:32 by junipe

hi i need some one to do three voices. one is sort of a retarted man and ill accept almost anything. the second is the voice of a normal man who sounds like hes in his twenties and somwhat inteligent, the last voice i need is of an old british man like a steriotypical rich guy. if your planning on taking up this project then please send me a PM including your email and some flash movies youve done voice acting for.

enter sim

2008-07-04 17:14:44 by junipe

ok i am PISSED my cell phone is saying enter sim i finnally figure out what the sim is and guessing that itll set everything back to normal. but nooooooooo apperently the only number i can call is 911 HOW F**kING cheap is that. i swaer to god this cell phone is trying to take the place of my old comp GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH >:(